#20: Need A Primavera Scheduler With Construction Experience to Start Work Immediately … Don’t Hold Your Breath

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The problem is they just don’t exist – at least not in the numbers that they are needed. But I have a solution for you.

What if I could provide you with a Primavera expert (a certified PSP) with extensive construction trade/trade management experience?

What if:

  1. He could build and install your baseline (GC’s) or perform schedule review services (A&E’s)
  2. He could embed streamlined CPM schedule updating/review processes
  3. He could help vet the permanent CPM scheduler
  4. He could support and collaborate with the permanent CPM scheduler through transition
  5. He could even provide ongoing support if required
  6. He could provide training if need be
  7. He could then move to your next project and repeat the process

How much better would your projects turn out?

How much longer would your new hires last? Do you realize that the two most serious threats to your successful project outcomes are late baseline installations and CPM schedule updating that fosters only pay applications, not momentum onsite?

Let us buy you some time

Not only does this buy you some time to find the right candidate. This enables you to accept a candidate with less experience, which opens up your possibilities. This allows you to pay less in salary, and get more depth in skill-sets.

If you get the vetting right, successful project outcomes will follow

The toughest challenge with hiring schedulers is handling the vetting process. You have to be an expert scheduler to recognize an expert scheduler. Most PM/CM types don’t realize the difference a competent scheduler can make on a project.

PM/CM Formula: Construction experience + Primavera skill-sets = Project outcome

Whoever is most fluid using and speaking Primavera wins. I know that construction experience (trade/trade management) is just as important – but the industry gets that.  It is the Primavera piece they struggle with. It is the combination of these two things that determine project outcome. As the project size and complexity increases, the penalties that builders/A&E’s/and owners pay for not getting the significance of Primavera, grow exponentially.

Initial CPM scheduling support, securing the right scheduler into place, and the two tier approach – address and solve a lot of problems with limited down side. What is the downside?

A master scheduler with extensive construction trade/trade management experience that knows the project and is just a phone call away is a project schedulers dream.

If this strikes you as a good idea, call Don at: 434-286-2984 or shoot me an email at dcs@cpmschedules.com.

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