About CPM Schedules


Don Santos, PSP

I have 28 years and over 1 Billion dollars in construction industry experience, including; Transportation, Commercial, government, industrial, military, and residential projects.

20 years ago as a superintendent I realized that projects were failing – not because of special causes – but do to common causes. In other words, so-called industry Best Practices were causing dreadful project outcomes. The symptoms included:

Roller Coaster Trade Momentum
Constructive Acceleration
Creative Change Orders
Behind Schedule & Over Budget Project Finishes

Now, as a project controls consultant – I specialize in the recovery of troubled projects. And still, I’m seeing the same so-called Best Practices leading to project failures.

Over the last 2 years I have collaborated with Sam Miller to systematize the intense controls we use in recovery work to support new projects from the start. February, 2014 we launched the revamped: cpmschedules.com to support our new platform: Real-time Project Controls (RPC).

RPC is an online CPM Schedule hosting platform that is optimized for mobile interface. RPC leverages the two most remarkable project management innovations of the last decade: Cloud Computing and the Smart phone – to deliver always accurate, always accessible CPM schedules to project stakeholders.

RPC supports a dynamic construction management approach that results in:

Consistent Robust Trade Momentum
Accomplished Interim & Finish Milestones
Protected Contractor Profit Margins
Preserved Owner Contingencies

I believe the industry is in a compromised state. The need is urgent. Powerful processes like RPC have to emerge and be leveraged to enhance the quality of project outcomes and PM/CM careers. Contractors that embrace these processes to manage more efficiently can also leverage the same processes to win more contracts.

I live in Central Virginia with Mary, my wife of 30 years, and our two youngest children. When I am not working – I can be found on the soccer fields cheering on the kids – who along with our 3 older children and their families are our inspiration.


Sam Miller

Sam Miller joined CPMS in 2012. He has a degree in Political Science from Belmont Abbey and extensive computer programming and database experience. It is Sam’s technological insights that are behind the Realtime Project Controls platform.
Sam manages all IT projects for CPMS and maintains databases for large Federal projects. He is a resource loading and coding specialist. Sam has recently revamped cpmschedules.com and optimized it for mobile interface.

Sam lives in Nelson County VA with his wife Nicole and their 4 children. When he is not working or chasing the kids around, he could be building a chicken coup, cutting firewood, or learning a new programming language. Sam was born in Iowa and has farming in his genes.