Would you buy a GPS navigation system that only refreshed daily?

Then why accept a CPM schedule that is only updated monthly? You don’t have to anymore. If I know anything at all after 28 years in this industry – it’s this: The CPM schedule is the most powerful tool available to grow your business.

Because only the CPM Schedule can be leveraged to:

1. Build and sustain strong and consistent momentum on your projects
2. Validate impacts and support Requests for Equitable Adjustments (REA’s) to your project contracts

It’s a beast. There are no comparable substitutes or alternate methods. The A&E’s got the method right in the project specifications – they just got the update period durations wrong … dead wrong.

Consequently, the industry at large doesn’t recognize the power of the tool – which leaves the relative few that do with a huge competitive advantage. But you have to Unleash the Beast

The CPM Schedule can do and be for your construction project all that a GPS can do and be for your travel navigation … and a whole lot more. BUT- building and sustaining strong trade activity momentum requires always accurate CPM Schedules.

That’s what everyone is missing. Monthly CPM updates undermine project momentum. They open the window for Construction Management by To-do List … which is the root of all that is bad in CM. What should be an investment is turning into a cost. Because the tool is not being used correctly. Construction is dynamic. Plans change everyday. CPM schedules have to change in damn near real-time to be valuable.

Accurate CPM schedules radiate CM competence

Project teams can’t leverage inaccurate CPM Schedules. Yet, most don’t have a process to maintain an accurate CPM. They can’t use inaccurate CPM schedules to manage activity transitions. They can’t use outdated CPM schedules to build trust with stakeholders. All trust starts with accurate CPM Schedules.

Our Real-time solution is based on technology that was not available one year ago. Realtime controls support stakeholder participation, reduce schedule variation and increase productivity. And that’s just the beginning … you can finally get away from management by To-do lists – once and for all.

But – Even accurate schedules can’t perform themselves

Performing CPM schedules require an understanding of critical path methodologies that few construction managers’ possess… we address that too. Having been superintendents and PM’s on large, complex, fast track projects, we are able to show your project teams exactly how to perform CPM schedules and how to leverage the most powerful and most misunderstood resource in the industry.

The training is profound and career changing. The transformation of your staff will be rapid and the affects on you projects will be immediate. The approach can be used midstream to recover challenging projects as well as from the start on new projects.

Realtime Project Controls

Realtime Project Controls address all three challenges of conventional CPM Scheduling approaches; CPM schedule accuracy, CPM schedule accessibility and CPM schedule performance.

      Streamlined processes + leveraged technology = Increased productivity

We’ve streamlined the CPM Updating process by leveraging the two most innovative Information Technology developments of the last decade: Cloud computing and the smart phone. The result is always accurate, always accessible CPM Schedules in the hands of project stakeholders that know what to do with them.

Show me how you do it