Contractors want to be successful

The difference in CM approach between a thriving project and a failing project can be subtle. Yet – the ramifications are anything but. Small building approach changes can produce big project outcome differences.

Building & Sustaining Momentum

It always comes down to building and sustaining project momentum. Construction management teams that get it right – thrive. Teams that can’t build and sustain momentum – fail. On Design/Build contracts – the momentum should start in the design phase. Otherwise, the design lags and the construction schedule has to be compressed before site-work even gets started. Can you relate to that?

Wanting is different than knowing

Few PM/CM/CPM professionals grasp the art and science required to design, develop, update & perform CPM Schedules. Yet there is no substitute. Consequently, they finish projects late and over-budget – despite their best efforts. The fact is, best efforts are not enough. Building and sustaining momentum – whether in design or construction phases – requires specific knowledge.

Know-how = Do-how

If your contractor’s construction management team knew how to build and sustain trade-momentum on-site – they would be doing it. The fact is that it’s easier on everyone when the project is tracking on-time and on-budget. But the required skill-sets are not innate. Unfortunately contractors cannot order-up a construction manager with the advanced project controls skill-sets. That is not a standard option. Hell, it’s not even a custom option. They number so few – statistically, these folks do not exist.

If Lagging Progress -> Constructive Acceleration -> Creative Change Orders -> Depleted Contingency Funds and Late & over Budget Project Completions sound familiar . Rest assured that there is a better way – and we know it well.

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