#21: If You’re Looking at CPM Scheduling/Rigorous CPM Schedule Review as Just Another Project Cost – Your Already in Trouble – Here’s Why:

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When scheduling is done properly – it saves and makes you more than it costs. So if you are looking at the money it costs you, without looking at the money it makes you, then you are only looking at half the picture.

I realize that most schedules are poorly designed /under – developed, do not model the building approach and are only updated monthly to foster pay applications. So they don’t make or save you anything! But whose fault is that?

If you hire someone that understands building sequences/ is an expert with Primavera/lives critical path methodologies and you mandated the schedule be updated/archived weekly; not only activity progress, but disruption and delay events too. You would start making money of the schedule … lots of it.

Remember: The Pareto principle is alive and well in construction. 80% of construction delays happen in the first 20% of project duration. And your best defense is a well designed, fully developed (submittals included) CPM schedule, updated/archived weekly.

Yet, even the best CPM schedules can’t perform themselves. We can help with that too. Schedule performance centers on building/sustaining trade momentum on-site. And building/sustaining trade momentum on-site ties back to building/sustaining what we call Brass to Brass relationships.

I will be covering how to build/sustain Brass to Brass relationships in my next post. Until then – keep on building.

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